10 Bride-Friendly Wedding Tattoo Ideas

Published on June 5, 2017 by Naomi V

Realistically, any tattoo that a bride has should be seen as wedding friendly. But the tattoos on this list look especially wonderful with a wedding dress. Are you a future bride considering wedding dresses for your special day, but are mindful of your ink? There are some beautiful solutions in the following photos that truly accentuate the bride's beauty, style, and of course, her tattoos!

This list is meant more as encouragement and inspiration for inked ladies to showcase that ink when they start shopping for wedding dresses. Inked ladies are our favorite! Their special day should be extra special because of their ink! Not in spite of it. So enjoy the following 10 bride friendly wedding tattoo ideas:


This bride has a gorgeously bright butterfly design on her back, so a see through back makes it even more beautiful!


This beautiful bride's dress allows for her chest tattoo to be seen, as well as her shoulder!


A one shoulder tattoo is the perfect reason to have a strapless wedding dress!


A simple mandala on the upper back of this bride is showcased by a glittery backless sequins dress.


A peek a boo cut in the back of this bride's dress is the perfect shape to hint at the lovely tattoo work on her back.


This full sleeve truly pops against the plain white of the bride's dress.


This old fashioned inspired dress goes perfectly with this bride's classic illustration style tattoos!





The simple ornamentation of the work on the bride's upper back is perfectly balanced by her vintage inspired yet strapless gown.


A simple forearm black and gray floral is accompanied by a thin infinity gold bracelet and vintage ivory fabric.


When you have full-size wings, it's only right to have a backless wedding gown!


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