10 Best Nocturnal Animal Tattoo Ideas

Published on May 24, 2017 by Naomi V

Nocturnal animals are often some of the most interesting and mysterious kinds in the whole animal kingdom. Because human beings are in general, not nocturnal creatures (although some humans' lifestyles could certainly be considered more nocturnal than others), these animals, and their natural born instincts intrigue us. To become more active at night, without the need for stimulants or reasons, or preference, just basic instincts, and biology is an intense way to live! Things are darker at night, more mysterious, a little scarier, and yet these creatures only truly come alive at night. They hunt, they kill, they mate, all underneath the night sky, with starlight and moonlight to keep them company. 


Are you a human who relates to nocturnal animals? Or perhaps you just love certain ones? Are you thinking about getting a tattoo to celebrate your favorite nocturnal animal? Check out these 10 best nocturnal animal tattoo ideas for inspiration!







Cats, one of humans' favorite pets, are nocturnal animals, and full of mystery. This tattoo truly captures that feel.










There's something interesting about sleeping all day and waking up at night. There's also something interesting and creepy about the way bats sleep upside down. It's no wonder that vampires are often depicted to also sleep this way. 










Did you know foxes are nocturnal? 










Don't you think bats are cute?










Aw, it's "Flower" the skunk from the movie Bambi. Skunk odor is among the most offensive, which is of course, their defense, and what a defense it is!










Here we see a bat once again upside down, and a frog just underneath it!










What a handsome fox!










Owls are some of the most popular nocturnal animals around, especially in tattoo form!




Tattoo Artist: Jesse Jeco Colvin

Moles are not as popular as some other nocturnal animals, but they are interesting, efficient, and quite tough!


Tattoo Artist: Cutty Bage

The wolf is a nocturnal animal that evokes the feeling of strength and solitude.


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