10 Amazing Old World Tattoo Ideas

Published on June 9, 2017 by Naomi V

Old World Style is an aesthetic that is classic, classy, and rich. What better style to translate to tattoo than that? This style is especially popular among men who want to show their worldly side. Lots of attention to detail is needed to pull-of an Old World tattoo, so be sure to research tattoo artists thoroughly! Elements like old leather bound books, globes, compasses, statues, pipes, and the like are used in Old World tattoos. Are you thinking about getting an Old World tattoo? Not sure where to get it or what to include? Not sure whether to get a black and gray or full color? Check out the following 10 Amazing Old World Tattoo Ideas for inspiration: 

This Old World tattoo includes statues, angels, timepieces, and candles are included in this detailed Old World sleeve.


This woman has turned her into a full Old World map!


This tattoo is like a look into the world of a traveler looking for a long lost romance.



The globe split in half is the main element in this Old World back tattoo.


This lion tattoo leans more toward a gothic style with a Bible verse in the center: "The Wicked flee when no man pursueth but the righteous are bold as a lion." Proverbs 28:1.


Another Old World map. This one looks especially aged!


Here is one with realistic 3-d elements of the travelers' tools.


Here is the same kind of composition, but it looks like this one has lines drawn to indicate the travels of the person.


An antique map of the entire world is indicated on this wearer's arm.


Tattoo Artist: Samuel Sancho

Rope, compass, and another compass, all done in an ultra realistic style on top of an antique map on this tattoo enthusiast's arm.



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