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I am an American Artist, born and raised in Asia. I am married & living in Dallas, Texas. I have apprenticed under "LeRoy Best" in Memphis & "Christopher Grimes" in Dallas. I've had my ink laid all over the world, but in Dallas, I have worked with Chris Clements & Mike Hamill @ Legacy Arts Tattoos (Google them). I am a classically trained portrait artist and cartoonist with a degree in design from ACU. I use Adobe’s “Creative Cloud” to edit my hand-drawn Art because it renders computer-precise details with crisp, sharp lines for accurate design transfers, This allows for quick editing and I can rearrange things very easily. I love the Art-form of Tattooing and I take it very seriously, but I also enjoy it more than anything else I do. Amazing things are being done with Ink, these days, and anything is possible if you are willing to pay the price.
You are a living canvas and Skin Art is 4ever ... so, be smart! Be careful what you put on your body. Use a reputable tattoo parlor & an experienced Tattoo Artist to have your custom design implemented.

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December 3, 2013

Color or B&G? What other elements did you want to include and what style do you like i.e.: New Skool, realistic, old school...? Do you have... read more

December 3, 2013

Where did you want to get this design tattooed? Lilly of the valley or just a lilly. Dragon wrapping around or just the head. Dia de los Muertos... read more

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