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July 21, 2017
Photo Credit: Graham Fielder   Australian Punk Rockers, Trophy Eyes, emit an intensity throughout their lyrical delivery and live show that will pull you into the thunderstorms of your life whether or not you are ready More
July 21, 2017
Photo Credit: Graham Fielder   Stemming from Warren, Michigan with small town roots and an eccentricity that has added a creative touch to the world of Electronicore, I See Stars has creeped to the forefront with a More
July 21, 2017
Photo Credit: Graham Fielder   Rattling the bones of concert-goers worldwide with a blazing speed and sound that will have you headbanging the night away, Ohio Rockers, Miss May I, shine in the spotlight. Maturing and More
July 21, 2017
Photo Credit:   Being critically acclaimed as a band to watch over the years to come, Brooklyn Metalheads, Candiria, have only just begun to light their flame and pave their way. Jumping on More
July 21, 2017
Photo Credit: Grizzlee Martin Although Welsh Pop/Punk band, Neck Deep, are relatively new to the scene, they are living their dreams and offering nods to their heroes by pulling pieces of their inspirations to create a More
July 18, 2017
Internet sensation turned makeup superstar and extraordinaire, Jeffree Star, emitted the perfect mixture of class and sass while spicing up the red carpet at The 2017 Journey’s Alternative Press Music Awards fueled by More
July 11, 2017
Southbay Mike, a veteran of tattooing since the 90’s, has great news for anyone seeking a tattoo from one of the true masters of the art. New to Chula Vista, CA is Blackwater Tattoo Club, located at 323 Broadway, Chula More
June 12, 2017
If you’ve spent time in Canada and you’re involved with the tattoo industry at all, chances are you’ve heard of Black Line Studio. The shop is currently boasting the rating of Toronto’s number one tattoo, piercing, and More
June 9, 2017
Paving the way for a new fan-based approach to music is the Phoenix-based band, The Technicolors. With a unique sound and an even more creative means of showing their fans they are grateful, The Technicolors are busy More
May 31, 2017
If you’ve spent time in Canada and you’re involved with the tattoo industry at all, chances are you’ve heard of Black Line Studio. The shop is currently boasting the rating of Toronto’s number one tattoo, piercing, and More
April 4, 2017
Imagine the hands the size of Shaq connected to the body of Hercules taking a needle and tattooing your head... Yup, that was my first thought when I saw Joey Mullen at the Strength Cartel booth at MUSINK. I was More
March 8, 2017
For anyone who has been involved in the tattoo industry or has even been just a fan of it, the name Ryan Eternal should sound familiar. Originally from Stockton, California, Ryan Eternal has currently set up shop in the More
February 25, 2017
Hart & Huntington Tattoo of Orlando is home to many world-renowned artists, and currently, they’re harboring the next big thing in tattooing—Nate Needles.   Nate has been at H&H for just about a year and a half More
November 23, 2016
Alexander Suvorov is a self-taught tattoo artist from Kieve, Ukraine. He has been tattooing for over seven years and specializes in realism.  Alexander works exclusively out of Ukraine, so if you want a tattoo from him More
November 21, 2016
*/ Of all cities and regions in California, or even the entire west coast, Orange County is by far one of the biggest hot beds for some innovative and high quality tattoo art. Many of the world’s most famous tattooers More
November 15, 2016
Recently ROCKwell UnScene Magazine & had a chance to talk with the world renown ink maestro Southbay Mike about the insights and tattoo industry stories he's accumulated over the past 30 years. We also More
November 8, 2016
There are countless tattoo artists here in Southern California, many of which have an insane amount of talent! Even though I look at tattoos for a living, seeing the pieces that these 10 artists are able to layout on More
November 8, 2016
You might recognize her work from some of the Facebook posts we've shared, the exclusive interview we did with her a few months ago, or perhaps you've seen her work featured on the cover of Skin Deep Magazine. The More
August 24, 2016
Just as clothing serves as means of expressing oneself creativity, body modification has begun to serve a similar purpose. As tattoo culture is becoming more and more acceptable worldwide, branches of the arts are More
August 16, 2016
Innovational creations coming from the sagacious mind of Detroit’s Jordan Garland, are steadily breaking new ground with a vision that is producing masterpieces through the art of expression. Whether moving seamlessly More
August 3, 2016
UK tattoo artist, Andrew “Little Andy” Marsh’s, designs take body art to a whole ‘nother level. Based in Hertfordshire, ‘Little Andy’ works alongside a plethora of talented artists whom have gathered at Churchyard More
July 30, 2016
The Spanish artist and surrealist icon, Salvador Dali, may be best known for his painting of melting clocks, but his fiercely celebrated and standout technical and highly unusual paintings, visionary explorations in More
July 27, 2016
Louisiana-bred master of the tattoo machine and owner of the legendary Saved Tattoos in the trendy territory of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Scott Campbell, has made his mark in the game as one of the most intricately More
July 25, 2016
Horror tattoo artist and owner of The Seance Tattoo Parlor in Bensalem, Pennsylvania is an artist who specializes in freehand horror realism. The tattoo artist extraordinaire has been tattooing since 2000 after learning More
July 25, 2016
Amid the culturally changing release of the the popular nostalgia-based app known as Pokemon Go, developers and phone companies aren't the only ones reaping the benefits. Since July 2015, Boston-based tattoo artist More